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Does the climber have resistance?
yes there are four felt pads that can be turned down onto the machine. The amount of resistance that can be applied depends upon your body weight. The lighter the more resistance as your body weight and gravity are playing a part. Weight vests should be a staple with climbing on a steel climber, Even an extra 20 pounds will deliver an elite workout.

Will it ship right away?
We typically have a wait period of around 10 to 20 business days. Check the order page or email for specific time.

How much ceiling height do I need? 
Regular size- 8 ft climber fits in room with minimum 7'8 foot ceilings. This is the only size available.

                                                  What is the warranty?
One year parts replacement. All returns must be made within 10 days of receiving product. All returns must be pre authorized and will be subject to a 20 percent restocking charge. Shipping charges to and from customer are not refundable.

                                    Does the machine have electronics?
No, but a user did provide a solution. -If you are interested in hooking up a bike computer to track average speed and distance it's easy. Purchase a velo 7 bike monitor and a ten pack of 1/2 x 1/8 neodymium magnets. A ten pack is $6.99 on amazon, buy ten so you can stack them to get them closer to the sensor.  Attach the magnets the distance apart to match your stroke length on the bottom part of the bottom chain. Attach the sensor within 5mm of passing magnets. You will be able to track your speed in mph, average speed, and distance traveled. Use this to compare future workouts. Both the bike monitor and magnets can be found on Amazon. Photo of setup is on homepage. You can also place the magnets on the top of the chain and mount the sensor and display on the top part of the machine facing you. The sensor tracks each time the magnets pass by it. These magnets are dangerous if swallowed and should be kept away from young children.

"Brian, my wife and I are very pleased with our purchase of the Steel Climber. We spent several months researching both your machine and your competitor's machine. We believe we made the righ decision in purchasing your Steel Climber. It saved us thousands of dollars and the quality is superb. Well done, Brian! Thank you!

I remember back in the early 80′s when I first did vertical climbing on a machine. It was tough as hell on the whole body  both muscularly as well as cardiovascularly  and can bring the strongest to their knees when done properly.  Versa Climber was the only game in town for a very long time as the vertical climbing  concept and their product proved to be a winner.

As a fitness professional and owner of a private training facility, I recognize the value a vertical climber has for my business.  The challenging workout it offers, the small real estate it takes up and the demographics it can cover is well worth having.  One problem, however, was the price.  Versa Climber has the lions share of the market and as such, they can command a greater price for their product.  For six years now Ive been looking for a Versa Climber (used was the only option for me) and I never found one that was under $1,000 and not totally beat up.  Right before Christmas, 2011 I did my typical search for used Versa Climbers and decided to just search vertical climber and lo and behold, I stumbled upon STEEL CLIMBER.

I immediately made contact with the folks at Steel Climber and placed my order.  In less than three weeks, I received my vertical climber in one day of shipping via FedEx.  My wife graciously helped me put some of the components together and I set it up for use.  Today I took my first run on the Steel Climber and I must say, I am very pleased with the machine.  It is a very sturdy, well-built, well-thought out piece of equipment.  Granted, it does not have all the bells and whistles that some of the Versa Climber models offer but I just purchased a digital egg timer for under 10 bucks to track time so it certainly will do the trick for my application.

The steel climber has exceeded our expectations, the movement is as smooth as ice. The machine feels amazing, is very quiet, and the expanded 27 inch step range makes it the best vertical climber we have ever used. It takes up next to no room and gives a serious workout in less time. We may be adding a second one soon.

Brian, just want to say i'm pleased with the steel climber. I made a great purchase. It was well worth the three week wait! I understand why you were so busy now. The videos on your site do not do the machine justice.

Thanks Brian, It was definitely worth the wait !! I pity those poor souls that couldnt wait lol. Gives me pride in American Labor!! Stroke of genius this gadget. Youve made it very affordable for a piece of equipment Of this quality. Thanks!!

Brian, my wife and I are both avid climbers, your machine is our favorite piece of equipment in our well stocked gym. -Paul

Got a great morning workout!!!  I had a love hate relationship with a versaclimber some 20 years ago.  This machine is awesome and is the same workout, but your hardware is on steroids!!!  What an awesome machine.-Jim Fox

I just bought a Steel Climber for my wife for her birthday.  So far this machine is everything it’s supposed to be.

After assembly I tried it out myself just to see if it could take my body weight and this machine is SOLID as can be.

To me the best part about it is that almost everything on it can be replaced just by going to a hardware store.

That is if it ever needs replacing because it can take my body weight of 300 lbs. at high intensity.

I am a 6’2”, 300 lb. youth minister, trainer and strong man competitor. 

It worked well enough for me that I didn’t even need to use the resistance pads.

This is a great machine and it’s a great price.  I would recommend it to anyone because it works, it’s strong and it saved me about $3000! 

Two thumbs up for Steel Climber!

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